Friday, July 06, 2007

So today I was going to share some pictures with you. Pictures from Sonya and I going out last night, and pictures of mom's finished socks. Yes I *WAS* going to show you. BUT 1. I forgot to put the little memory card in the camera after downloading them on mom's computer, so the pictures are stored on the internal memory on the camera, 2. I left the camera cable at home (duh), and 3. I have no clue if I can transfer the pictures from the internal memory to the little card..... SO as soon as mom downloads pictures from her camera I can show you her socks. Awesome.

Anyway, Sonya and I went out last night. You know what we look like...look a few post down. We went out to O'Shea's Irish Pub and had some Hot Pepper Cheese Balls and Sonya had a Salad too. My friend Carl was there playing, so we had a good time listening to him and chatting with him about songs and such. He pulled some obscure 80's songs out of no where!! Sonya knew them but (guess what Gina!) I didn't!! Sonya and I tried to help him through the lyrics of "Fire and Rain" We did pretty good. I googled the lyrics today and we mixed a couple verses up. But we got the general idea across. I don't think the drunkards knew otherwise. LOL
OMG YES I have to mention this. THE SMOKING BAN IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I love it! I came home smelling just as I had when I left to go out!! haha... I did not have to wash the smoke smell from my hair after a night in a bar!! How awesome is that?!?
Thanks for a fun night out Sonya and Carl. :) I love Louisville. :)
Manchvegas ready to help me get my NH mojo back...I'm going to be home sick for sure! haha


Melissa said...

awwww...we miss you TONS!!! and besides, you have Lincoln to hug on (assuming I am going to give him back that is) - he makes everything better!!

shayes74 said...

ok, the "you know what we look like" comment does NOT make up for no pics LOL. i think you are trying to keep the fun to yourselves J/K! Pepper Cheese sounds good! Glad you had a great time - I can't wait to try out the no smoking clubs either!

Sonya said...

It was a great time. I will have to watch for Strumbeat, maybe I can get to see the full band. As I tell people all the time, I am filled with useless information.

Nichole said...

Did anyone tell you they finally passed the smoking ban in NH???!!! I think that was a couple weeks ago - not sure if you were here or there at the time... but YEA!!!!!! It'll take til fall I think for it to go in to effect ... but ... YEA!