Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Day after 4th of July!! We had a wonderful holiday and for the FIRST time ever our kids played with sparklers! Jacob has never been interested in fireworks and still doesn't care much for them, but this year he was brave and tried the sparklers!

Nathan thought the sparklers were cool too.
The boys (and Honey baby, the dog) stayed in the house at the in-laws house while we shot off fireworks outside. They chose to watch from the window.After the in laws we headed over to our old stomping ground and hung out with some friends. MAN I miss these people! I'm so excited we are all going out on Saturday night! Brent is just a regular jungle gym for the kiddo's!! And finally, MY knitting. I have been working on some socks. This is yarn from Heather of Sereknity Yarns. I *think* it's the Belladonna?? Anyway I LOVE how the pattern is POPPING out on these!! I did this in the blue Wildfoote yarn for mom and the pattern wasn't as obvious! These will look awesome when finished!! I finished one sock on the way here to KY but I'll wait and get a picture of it when the second one is done (on the ride back to NH)

Sonya blogged about mom's socks. MAN she's moving along!!! Did you see? Doesn't she look SUPER happy to be doing two at once!!! Again this is Heather's Yarn from Sereknity.
Below is me and the beautiful Miss Olivia (Sonya's cool daughter!) That's our good friend Jill in the Orangey/Red shirt on the right.

OH yeah..Manchvegas gals!! Thanks for the message on my cell phone last night!! Who was that hollering at Brent in the background?!? LOL I miss you all too!! I called Gina today and talked to her for a bit! It was nice to hear her voice. Hey Melissa, how did Lincoln do with the fireworks?? I'm not sure how he'd react!
Nathan has been asking to come home! Back to New Hampshire!!! I'm glad he now considers that home. The other day he said "Mommy, I want to go NATHAN'S Home!" I was like...awwww..Not yet kid! LOL
My brother's family and my menfolk and I are all off to Walmart tonight to the Portrait Studio to get a "family" picture taken for Mom. Her one request while we're here. How can we say no when she's letting us stay at her house and at this VERY MOMENT making brownies with peanut butter in it!! yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sonya said...

If I have a cool daughter, does that make me cool too???

She got a kick outa that.

shayes74 said...

i think sparklers scare me too! as does lots of fireworks, but only when i know who's lighting them!

peanut butter brownies???? is that what you said???? that is what i heard YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

get that family photo! i can get one too if i get some brownies LOL

Melissa said...

Lincoln did just fine with the fireworks! I always worry, because my dear lab Jasmine was so terrified of them!! But he and Rusty just hung out with us like nothing was out of the ordinary. I gotta tell ya, you are going to have a WICKED hard time getting Lincoln back from me...Cindi just adores him!!! I will take care of him anytime!!! He and Rusty are very cute together and everyone who meets him just falls in love.
We miss you!!! Glad you got our message last night :o)

yarnophiliac said...

ooo...I can't wai tto see the finished Belladonna socks! Very nice. Mom's socks are coming out fantastic too! So glad you are having a good time, but can't wait to see you again! btw -- train table is ready for delivery. :)

Nichole said...

Looks like you're having fun!!!