Sunday, December 02, 2007

We had a sickly week this week. I had a cold of some sorts, it got better... Nathan got the cold and a bit of a fever, it got better.... Jacob got the cold next and had a fever for about 3 days!! Brent is attempting to get it now, but I think he's winning so far!
I've been knitting a bit on my hoodie and have both of the arms done. Now to finish off the bottom of the sweater. I hope to have it finished in time to wear to Gina's holiday party for our knitting group.

I also finished some other knitting while I haven't been blogging.
This is a knitted/beaded Flapper Fringe Choker. I got the instructions from
Beadwork Magazine (Oct/Nov 2004). The design is by Lily M. Chin.
Needles: 0000 (yep that's 4 of them!! SMALL!)
DMC Perle 8 Cotton - Color # 823 (Dark Navy Blue)

Size 11 seed beads-white/pearlish color
This took one afternoon and evening to knit up.

Next on the hit parade are a pair of Fetching Mitts from .

These are a gift for my Grandmother for Christmas. Hope she likes them! They are soft!!
One Skein of Rowan Cashsoft DK
Size 6 needles

And Finally........ This was a fun knit!!! Brent even asked for this style hat. Melissa printed this off for me Friday, and Friday night at knitting I casted on for this. By Saturday evening, it was finished. This is the Topi hat from I used different size needles though than the pattern called for. I used size 6 and size 4 needles (pattern called for 7 and 5). This was a test knit and now I want to get some nice grey wool and make another one so it's a tad bit warmer and maybe a smidgen longer too. This one was done with Wool-ease.
Like the self portrait?? This was kinda fun taking my picture.
After two cups of coffee..............Do you think you could stand 3 of me????????
Mystery hubby. Ah you all know what he looks like, he's super cute... I didn't want to come between him and his morning coffee.
So..... That's all for now. I'm going to see what the weather's going to blow in tonight. Doesn't sound like we're going to have a mild night. We might have some of that WHITE STUFF in the morning outside. Jake would probably LOVE another day off school.


Melissa said...

wow, size 0000 needles??? I would never be able to work with something that small...

I *love* Topi, it came out so awesome that I may just have to make one.

And tell "mystery hubby" it a very 'ghett-oh' look going on there...he looks like he's from da 'hood.

Gigi said...

Oh, you are going to be a totally rockin' flapper in that choker!

I bet grandma loves the mitts - if not, I could always give them a lovey home. =-D

GREAT hat! How is it I never saw that pattern? I bet it will get lots of wear.

Anonymous said...

I hope mystery hubby wins the battle with the cold! Love the hat and that necklace is GREAT!

shayes74 said...

great projects! i think we should definitely chat one day after i've had two cups of REAL coffee :D

Tabitha said...

Nice projects!

Sorry to hear you guys have been sick, hope you feel better soon!! :)

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

Glad to hear the boys are better. I think I must have caught their cold over the phone. Like the necklace and hat. Great pictures!

kelly m said...

The last time I knit with 0000's, I stuck a hole in my hand, those babies are sharp! I love the hat, and the triple view of you, lol!

Sarah said...

3 three Lora's in the mirror is cool!