Monday, December 31, 2007

Wow what a year!! 2007 will end in less that 3 hours (according to the laptop clock)
A lot to share, so grab your nip of choice and read until midnight and ring in the new year with me.

Finished (knitted) Objects of 2007:

The Biggies!!:
Olive Branch Yoga Hoodie (A++) Loved every stitch of this knit!! We won't talk about the zipper episode.
Bar Harbor Shell Bag
Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole (A++) Labor of love. Beautiful ending!

Tree Frog Socks (Yarn from Sereknity {Heather})
Waterloose socks in STR
2 pair of Seize Diamond Back socks (one eaten by lucky dog that is still living) one Sereknity yarns and one Wildfoote
Jungle Stripe Jaywalkers Lorna's Laces
Goblin Waffle Socks (not posted on ravelry yet)
Horcrux Socks in Wildfoote
Cascading Leaves in Witchy from Sereknity
Cascading Leaves in Lorna's Laces
Mock Croc Socks in Wildfoote

2 pair of basic mittens for Nathan
Corazon Mittens from
2 pair of Fetching from
Pair of Thrummed Mittens from yarn that mom got me from Alaska. Thanks mom!

Ring of Fire from
Lillehammer from
Jughead Hat (FROGGED) from Domiknitrix book
Topi hat from

R2D2 Hat for my brother
Cable hat for my dad
Yoda Hat for Jacob for Halloween

2 skull hats, one for Jacob one for Lacey
Banana Republic Knock off hat

Other Knits in Misc. Categories:
Amanda Headband from Sleepy Eyes Knits (Gina)
Captain Underpants Doll
Beaded Flapper Fringe Choker

Bunny Cuddle Buddy
2 Hedgehogs from Fiber Trends
Several Dishcloths

Yarn Wreath made out of spare balls of yarn from ManchVegas Knitters.

WOW again, what a list.

Memories I'll remember from 2007:
My parents first visit together to NH.

Sonya's visit to NH. Weirdo that made her miss her plane. haha
Going out to O'Shea's Sonya while back in KY.
Stow away frogs from Laurin's pool party.

Indigo Girls and Brandi Carlile concert with Melissa. Good Times Good Times.
Trips to the beach with my boys.
Karaoke with Ericka (Just ONE Drink then we'll be ok....)
Grandview with the Manch girls.

Here's hoping for a great 2008!!


kellym said...

WOW! You are a knitting maniac! I'm hoping to finish a few more things in 08 than I did in 07...that shouldn't take too much effort, lol!

Happy New Year! K

SleepyEyes said...

Wow! All those fo's.... You're putting us all to shame! I love your new Yoga Hoodie! Happy New Year!!

Sonya said...

That is a very impressive list. Good for you!

I wish happines, love and joy for you in 2008.

Oh and lots of yarn and time to knit as much as you want.
Love Ya!

Jennifer said...

What a list! You've been busy :) Happy New Years to you and your family - enjoy!

Caroline said...

WOW! When did you sleep? You set a high bar for this next year. What a good way to finish the year, looking back at the things you've accomplished. Happy New Year!

Sarah said...

After reading your list of finished knitting, it's completely obvious that I was a knitting loser in 2007.

Happy New Year, Lora, to you and the whole family!!

shayes74 said...

ok, i'm three comments behind. you have knit a crapload of stuff!

your living room looks like you had a GREAT christmas

and your snow video had me laughing out loud! that looks like so much FUN! i don't think we get snow anymore :( heck, that is one good reason for bobby and i to come visit y'all, to play in the snow! but i think i've vowed not to travel just yet with audrey so small and there would be no room for our stuff with everything we bring for her haha! thanks so much for sharing!

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

Whew!!! You are a knitter for sure.
Happy New Year and Blessings to you all for 2008