Wednesday, June 25, 2008

School is almost over. Tomorrow is the last day of Second grade for Jacob. He is very excited to move on to Third grade. I am excited too, but failed as the Suzie home maker mom by not getting HANDMADE end of year gifts for the teachers. I had to opt for Dunkin' Donuts gift cards. Jackie did some super cute facecloths and added soap with them, too cute. Another blog I read made the teachers a cute tote bag. These are things I can do, but with our big trip looming in the back of my mind I can barely complete a sentence!! All that is on my mind is laundry, get food, and pack. Now most of you know I usually do things last minute, and I'm sure that won't change, but I'm attempting to get organized for this trip. Heck I'll be gone a month. SOOO excited.
The lovely Melissa has agreed to let Lincoln be Rusty's pal for the time we are gone. YOU ROCK MELISSA. I wonder how long until we get ransom notes saying we have to do such and such to get him back. I worried last year. LOL
Now off to Google a snazzy way to give the teachers the gift cards....I got to do SOMETHING handmade!


Sarah said...

I never gave my teachers end of the school year gifts when I was a student and they let me pass through all of the grades with no problem. ;-) I think DD cards are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Who would turn down DD coffee or doughnuts? Can't remember when you will be in KY, but Sophie's is having a knitting camp the week of July 14th and it is a boy friendly camp if you or your son is interested. Let me know when U R here so I can meet you at Quill's.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the ransom notes will begin almost immediately :)

DD cards are an awesome end of year gift for the teachers!