Sunday, July 13, 2008

Girls Night Out!! I went out to dinner last night with some old dear friends.... OK they aren't old, but I've known them all since the 9th grade (one of them since the 6th grade!) and we all graduated together. We met at Tumblweed for dinner, trotted over to Akiko's Bar for some Karaoke, and after the thunderstorm (my that came out of no where), walked two blocks to another bar called Dublin's Cellar and listened to Kimmet and Doug sing. My friend Sonya, who didn't go to high school with all of us, showed up later.
Left to right: Anita, Meredith, Me, Tina, Tracy at Akiko's
Meredith (known her since 6th grade) and Tina at Dublin's Cellar
Me singing Karaoke at Akiko's
Meredith, Tracy, Me and Sonya at Dublin's Cellar
Anita(wake up girl), me and Tracy
I had such a blast hooking back up with the girls. The last time we went out together that was almost 5 years or so ago...I was very early on pregnant with Nathan, you do the math.
I took some pictures last night but it was with a disposable camera, so more photos might show up later. :)


Sarah said...

What did you sing? And how much did you drink so you could sing in public?

SleepyEyes said...

Oh, so cool! What song did you sing at Karaoke? You look so happy!

Sonya said...

It was lots of fun! I will have to tell you about what happened when I got home.

shayes74 said...

ok, tumbleweed has me DROOLING! glad you had a great time :D will you be at knitting on the 22nd? I put it on my calendar b/c i can't make tomorrow night either :(