Sunday, July 20, 2008

I love the live music scene in Louisville!!! Thursday night, Mom, Dad, the boys and I went out to Macca's Seafood Restaurant to see our friends Another Colour. We had a grand time and a lot of my friends were there. Some I called and told I'd be there, some were there to see Another Colour and didn't know I was in town, so they were surprised. They couldn't believe how the boys had grown. I did get up and sing with them on one song for my Dad. We sang "The Rose" by Bette Midler.

Jacob and I cutting a rug, dancing a jig! He's so fun
Grace and Paul, Another Colour, under the Umbrella singing away!
The Another Colour groupies that we used to hang out with almost every weekend.
And more pictures of me and my high school girlfriends. Jenny (holding Nathan) wasn't able to come to dinner and karaoke the other night, so she met me at Macca's for dinner. Nathan took a shine to her and only left her side long enough to eat his food.

Sonya and I went out last night... more pictures from that after Sonya gets them off her computer. I love love love hanging with Sonya when it's just the two of us. We didn't do a lot of talking last night. We both are big fans of live music and enjoy just sitting, relaxing and listening. We did have some entertainment other than the music. The bartenders were flipping and throwing the drinks around all night. Almost like Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Sometimes Sonya an I would see something odd and just look at each other and start laughing. We just KNEW what the other was thinking!
We went out to see Strumbeat. Someone has a video of them on youtube. FINALLY! I can hear them when ever I want (as long as they don't remove it)


SleepyEyes said...'re just having such a fun time there, aren't you?? Love the picture of you and Jake dancing : )

Sonya said...

It was a very interesting evening!

shayes74 said...

dang! i knew they were going to be there and actually asked bobby about all of us going, but he reminded me that we actually had plans for thursday, so we couldn't go...looks like it was fun!