Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just sit right back and I'll tell a tale, a tale of a not so faithful CAR!!!

Oh. My. Gosh.
It's insane the stress my car is giving me.
Here's the story. Saturday I go to grab some dinner for my parents and I. When I step on the break, the radio starts bleeping at me, (this apparently is the way a car say, hey dummy, somethings wrong, remember this!) So later Sat. afternoon about 6pm, I load up the car and the boys to go to my brother's house for the evening. I was excited because I was going to go out with Sonya for the evening to hear Strum beat (yeah I know you know I made it there, but you are going to listen to this story anyway.) SO..... *reaaaaarrrrrrrr, click click click click.....rearrrrrrrrrrrrrr, click click click..........*sigh*........... beep beep beep beep beep beep beep (me calling dad in the house where my car is parked infront of) "Dad can you come outside please" Dad comes out. Reaaarrrrrr click click.....* Off comes the battery and off we go to Auto zone to get the battery tested. "Sir, this will take about an hour." So dad and I go back to his house and sit and wait an hour. Go back to Auto zone about 8:30 and get the battery, bring it home put it in the car and Rearrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrr YEAH it runs (no my car doesn't sound like a cat...but it's all i could think to type.
So without shutting the car off, I call my mother inside the house and say SEND THE BOYS OUT QUICK! And out they come and off we go to my brothers house.
yeah...go get a drink, I'm not done yet. I'll wait.
ok....so off we go to Indiana to see my brother and his family so the boys can have a sleep over and I can meet up with Sonya later. We get about, oooooh 7 miles down the road and the car starts dying on me this time on the entrance ramp to the highway. LOVELY! I make it on the highway and to an exit ramp where it dies TWICE down the exit ramp. I pull over into a closed business and call my repair man, aka, DAD. So dad and mom come with the van, I have dad drive the car back to his house so he can see what's it's doing and I drive the van. Wouldn't you know that STUPID CAR was running good like Nobodies business!!!! OH the nerve of that car!! But I wasn't taking any chances with the boys in tow with me and mom let me take her van to my brothers house. FINALLY about 9:30 we were on our way to my brother's house. I got to meet up with Sonya and we had a grand time, see her blog for the fun of the night!
So on Sunday I loaded up my boys and my niece and headed back to mom and dad's house to see what we needed to do with the car. I went out to it...it started up nicely, so I asked dad to go for a drive with me. It was great! The car was running well.
Later that evening I decided I would take the boys to see some family. Car ran fine... on the way home we stopped at a drive thru to get some food and the car started having the radio beep at me again... Oh dear I've pushed it too far and it's pissed again.
So... long story short..yeah right. My car needs a new alternator! Brent's in New Hampshire and I'm in Kentucky and the car is being a PITA! So it looks as though my last week will be spent watching who ever I can talk into working on my car. I guess the good news is Sonya's hubby can get me an alternator at cost and one of dad's friends said he would get one for dad at cost too!! Things are looking up it seems. So I hope that my dad and brother in law can get the alternator in. My poor brother in law....he wonders how he got sucked into this mess... well he can blame his brother for marrying me. hahaha My dad...oh he's used to me and my weird car antics. I'm sure my repair bill tab with dad spans the USA and then back!!
I am thankful that this is happening while I'm here and not on the road home to NH with the kids. That would NOT be a good situation. I'm safe, my kids are safe and that's all that should matter. So today I shall de-stress myself with knitting and the company of my mother.
Ok so this post isn't so boring....I'll find some fun pictures to add. :) After all this IS vacation baby!!!Dad and Jake on the Tractor. Jacob was so happy he got to drive it!Nathan and dad on the tractor. He said at first he wouldn't drive it, but had a blast!Carl and I at My Bar in Indiana
Jacob eats WAY to many White Castle Burgers. He had a belly ache later!
Nathan and I at Gattiland. He's driving a motorcycle, I'm knitting. We went there with Sonya and her kids Sunday afternoon. It was so fun to see Sonya's kids. They are growing up so fast.
If you made it to the end of this blog post....thanks for staying...love you too :)


Loretta *skeeter* said...

You are having WAY too much fun!! .... Sorry to hear about your car...its a good thing you weren't on your way home to NH *UGH*.....

Gigi said...

Glad to know you got to the bottom of the car problem and that it can be economically fixed. We want you all back here in one piece! Enjoy your last week. =-)

P.S. Such cute pictures!

Marion said...

Glad you had those car adventures where you had people to help. What I hate is when you tell someone how the car is acting up (usually a man) then the stupid car works fine for them. Sounds like you're having a great time(except or car. Good for you.

shayes74 said...

it never fails that the car works FINE when you're trying to show someone what's wrong! i'm so glad i got to see ya last night!

SleepyEyes said...

OMG...I hope you get that damn alternator fixed! How horrible your whole experience was. I hope you at least kicked the car or bumper or something....what a cranky car!

Sonya said...

Hopefully all will be well by the time Brent gets here.