Thursday, July 24, 2008

So my dad got the alternator. I had a friend that was going to come over and replace it for me since Brent is still in New Hampshire. I wanted to have the part on before he got here tomorrow so we could leave on schedule. My friend got hung up running an errand for a family member so off to plan B.
What is plan B you ask? Sonya's Husband and my Dad!! John and Dad were able to get the alternator off and get the good one on the car. John checked my fluid levels on the car and aired up my tires to make sure those little things were taken care of too. I am so glad that John and Dad were able to get the car fixed and I know it was a load off Brent's mind. Two people he knows and trust to work our car.
Of course this didn't go with out the ribbing of John. He told Sonya to never answer the phone again. and I said "Especially if it was a 603 area code!!!" hahaha
Again, I am so happy I was somewhere with friends and family when the car flubbed up and not on the road back home. I can only imagine how much someone might have took us for!
It also gave Sonya and I some chit chat time while they worked on the car. Occasionally Sonya and I would hold a light or walk around to trip the motion sensors for lights.
I didn't take the camera but Sonya got a few shots with hers.
But gladly....the car is fixed. *whew!*
And now for some special pictures!A visit with my grandmother, the boys great grandmother.
She was so happy to see all of us and glad we came to visit her a few times while we were in town. I think it made her days when we'd visit.
The great elephant knit along. I can't help but sing this little song in my head when I see these little fellows. That's Nicole in the back ground, one of the KY knitters.


Sonya said...

I dreamed last night that you called and said the car was making some terrible noise and John had to work on it again. I'm trying to keep you here even in my dreams.

I am going to miss you so much. We have had a blast!

shayes74 said...

that is so awesome that john was able to fix it for you! your friends ROCK!