Saturday, August 16, 2008

Got Beans?

We went to a Fisher Cats ballgame last night. I had to take Nathan to the bathroom at sometime during the night. The conversation was like this:

Nathan: Mommy, maybe you can get some beans.
Me: Yeah? You think so?
Nathan: Yes...maybe if you have good behaviours you can get beans for your birthday.
Me: {Immediate Laughter with tear streaming down my face!!!}

I could not even come up with a response on that one!
We also got free soccer balls.
My boys

If you're totally confused on why this is so funny......shoot me an email. I'll let you in on the joke. Most of you who know already know and I'm sure I should have put a disclaimer at the beginning of this so you didn't spew your drink on your monitor. For that, I'm sorry!


SleepyEyes said...

LOL!! Oh, Lora...see? You only needed good behavior to get your beans...aren't you excited? I bet Brent is even MORE excited! LMAO : P

Sonya said...

You should tell him that not everyone wants to have beans.
I was laughing so hard John wanted to know what was so funny. He had a good laugh too.
I love that little guy!

ErickaJo said...

Well, that's shot. If good behavior is the only way you can get beans, you'll never have your own. Of course, you can always borrow Brent's :D

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

HaHaHeeHeeHeeHaHa He cracks me up.

Sarah said...

I think this is the game that Denise and I chickened out on and went to dinner instead.

Patrick said...

Your boys are just so adorable! Looks like you had an amazing birthday.

shayes74 said...

i guess as he's getting older, he realizes how important the beans are LMAO