Monday, August 11, 2008

Yep, I had a birthday!

Yeah I birthday was over a week ago, but I've been celebrating since the middle of July people!! It all started in Kentucky with my knitting friends and mom. Mom bought me some clothes, Sonya got me a sewing book I've been wanting and some other cute goodies, Ruth gave me some of her hot off the press patterns that she designed (find her HERE on Raverly). Sonya made those sinfully delicious cupcakes. It was good times baby, good times.
The gals here in Manchvegas were not to be outdone though. Yarn and Patterns (knitting and more sewing!) and Fancy Bags and beads and the Olympics (oh wait that wasn't for me). Jackie made an oh so good will you marry me Carrot Cake (my FAVORITE kind of cake), and I do believe I might have asked her to marry me?? Did I not Jackie? She declined.....said she kinda liked the spouse she had, he's a keeper. I am truly blessed to have all these knitters in my life. I am so glad I found this group when I moved here and I'm so happy with the friendships that have blossomed out of it!

I got a gift card in the mail from my mother in law saying that I should go out and get that new purse I've been wanting. So I'm kind of excited to go shopping for a new purse. I had told her when I was home that I needed a new one, so instead of her picking one, she is giving me the choice! SWEEEEET!!!!!!!!

Jackie cutting the cake. Ms. Gina behind her in the pink top.
This years color theme?? ORANGE!! Nope wasn't planned. Just came out that way and I am SO HAPPY!!!! Left to right: Sereknity in Campfire colorway, Schaefer Yarn "Anne" in color #28, and Claudia Handpainted Yarns in Circus Dancer colorway. They are all vibrant colors, happy colors, and I need to get knitting so I have a nice pair for Fall!!

I have been knitting and finished this little cute elephant. Jacob named him Eduardo the elephant. Find the pattern HERE.
Thanks to all my friends and family for a wonderful birthday. You guys rock!


Sonya said...

I love your yarn goodies!

tata said...

Look at all that yummy yarn!

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Lora!

SleepyEyes said...

Happy Birthday to you (again!)...ha ha.

So glad you liked the bag and, I agree...that carrot cake was so yummy!

P.S. I think you've forgotten...but Jackie and I have been engaged for a while now! She's mine! (LOL)

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

You had a birthmonth instead of a birthday!!! I love the yarn and the cake sounds wonderful. Glad you had a good birthday!!! Love Ya!

Sarah said...

We all should have a birthday month! One day is not enough.

Kristie said...

looks like great birthday presents!!

Kiwi Ellen said...

Hey Lora belate birthday wishes my friend I can see that you most definitly celebrated in style ~ way to go!!