Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm still here.

Yes I'm still here. School started and then preschool started and then I started walking the mornings Nate's in school and boom....busy busy!
There has been knitting and sewing, so I'll get to the fun stuff.
I knit this hat. Not sure I like it. TOTALLY not flattering on me for sure! Found the pattern on Ravelry, but didn't fav or queue it there so now I can't remember where the pattern came from. Anyway... too holey, don't care for it.
Sewing has been fun. I'm making these List takers now and they are going to make nice gifts this year for teachers and such. Watch for some on my etsy in the next month or so. The pattern came from JChandmade. I really enjoy reading Jennifer's blog and seeing what she creates with that sewing machine of hers!!
She also had a free tutorial about how to make fabric magnets. These are quick and fun!
Remember this sweater I posted a month or so ago that I started. Well I was going along loving the knit until my husband uttered the simple words "Raw Hamburger Meat". I couldn't go on knitting knowing that I'd look like walking meat. I ripped out the arm. Gave the yarn to my good friend Heather of Sereknity and she dyed it for me.

Below is the picture of the yarn now. It's a beautiful Eggplant color and I'm much happier with the yarn. Thank you Heather!! You saved the yarn for me. It looks more purpley in person. Trust's SOOOOO much better!
I am knitting some socks from Heather's yarn. This is Vintage "Vintage". She dyed this yarn last year and has since changed her Vintage colorway a tad, so I have the vintage Vintage color. These socks are going to be so nice and warm! The Eggplant color in the socks will match my sweater perfectly!

And finally, a reveal package from my Secret Pal 12. My SP12 was Courtney. This gal spoiled me really well!! The yarn is so yummy, the ducks are too cute (stitch markers) and she also sent some homemade pear preserves! Courtney was great with emails and reading up on my blog and Ravelry queue to see what kind of things I liked. Very sneaky. Thank you Courtney for all of the treats you sent my way during this round of SP12. It was a great round.


Sonya said...

Glad to see you are still here. Not too sure about the hat on you either. Love the magnets.
Raw meat???that is not a good yarn color. Looks much better now.

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

I love the color and pattern of sweater. Wow Lora will have a sweater and socks to match. :-) Don't care much for the hat either. I love the socks too.
Nice gifts from your secret pal.

yarnophiliac said...

I LOVE the duck stitch markers! And I am so glad you are happy with the sweater and getting to knit on it again. As fo rthe hat, I agree -- frog it! It isn't you, but the yarn looks lovely. That little note keeper is fab, too. Love the fabric you chose!

shayes74 said...

raw meat LMAO

Jennifer said...

omg raw hamburger. Leave to the husband to give you a visual like that. (My husband is cracking up.) Great fix though - the new color is gorgeous.

Those list-takers are very cute, especially in that beautiful fabric. I'm sure the teachers will love them.

SleepyEyes said...

The notebook holder is adorable...what a great idea! And, that hat is very cool -it looks like crochet!

I totally know what you mean about school starting and not being in the swing of things yet. I feel like I'm still in limbo. With one son coming home at 2 and the other at 4, it's like a madhouse around here!