Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dumbo!! Do you see what I see??

We never know where our mother is taking us.

Well now, this is an odd sign!!
LOOK OUT! LOOK OUT!! It's Elephants on Parade!!
WOW these things are huge!
Just a couple clowns, clowning around.
Ringling Bros. is in town and yesterday the Elephants walked right down Elm Street. I, of course, HAD to go see this! I have never seen an elephant parade. It was AWESOME!! If you didn't know.. I LOVE ELEPHANTS!! Sonya, are you a little jealous right about now??

In other new....Nathan is FIVE today! Where does the time go?? Below is a picture of the boys a couple days after Nathan came home from the hospital.


yarnophiliac said...

well now, that was a joy kill, wasn't it?
LOVE the pic of the baby boys. So sweet. :)

Sonya said...

You know I am! That would have been so cool to see them just walking down the street.

Happy Birthday Nathan!!!

Lora said...

Yeah, I got rid of the previous comment Heather. I have my reasons for taking the kids to see the beauty of the elephants.

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

I am sure the boys will remember this all their lives. Do you remember what you and I did on your 28th birthday?
I love the picture. Nathan looks little, but he was never like a newborn.

Amber said...

Look quick, he didn't sleep that often...Hurry, before he wakes up!!! LOL

shayes74 said...

elephants are cool! we got to see a baby elephant at the zoo (still big!) but never a parade! the boys are so cute in that pic :D

Caroline said...

I'm jealous! I would have loved to see an elephant parade. A late Happy Birthday to Nathan.

SleepyEyes said...

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Oh, and I loved that elephant cool!