Monday, January 26, 2009

Car issues can't get me down, no sir!

Car issues. We all have them, we all hate them. A couple months ago it was inspection and needing new control arms that hubby put on. Last month it was ordering new CV joints and axles and hubby putting them on. (Thank goodness for a car savvy husband) Last week it was a low tire that I had to get plugged. Yeah, the warranty was still good on the tire. GREAT NEWS!!
Today I'm driving around and kinda realize that my car is pulling to the right a little bit. I look at the tires and the front tire is a tad low. I figured when I went to get Jake from school I'd run by the gas station and air that bad boy up, wouldn't want to get a flat in this weather, no sir! Yeah, well, on the way to get Jacob, POP!!! I look in the rear view mirror to see what I had ran over. Hum, nothing in the road...around the corner and I was at Jake's school. After Jacob got in the car, off we go and MAN is the car driving funky now!! So, I round the corner heading back and I pull over to inspect. FLAT AS A PANCAKE!! That tire popped! After changing the tire, we were off to the same store as last weeks tire escapade since I knew we had a warranty. A different guy from last week is working. He comes out and looks at the tire and says "We don't carry those." I thought for a moment.... "Really," I say, "Last week I was here and they plugged a tire for me and said I had a warranty." The guy tells me that they are not tires they carry and that another local store carries them (one I KNOW we haven't been to because I don't know where they are). I told him it was odd that they fixed the tire last week. So after he goes back in he searches a bit and sure enough, the tire ARE UNDER WARRANTY (thank you very much, I'm NOT crazy..oh hush). So they look at the's not patchable, so I have to get a new tire, and they have to order it. They'll have it tomorrow.
Now if you know me and my car issues...usually my dad gets drawn in some way, some how. This time he showed up in a very interesting way!!
I get home and there's a box on the porch. Now let me just tell you, I am loved. I have the best parents and they are talented to boot!! Check out what my dad made for me!! (see told you he'd show up somehow, a gift for me on a day that I'm dealing with my car!)
Since I got a bread maker for Christmas from one set of the in-laws, I thought I would like a nice bread box. And nice indeed!! This bread box even came with treats for all of us. My Grandmother even enclosed 4 skeins of Red Heart Yarn, bless her heart!! It is a pretty color! I'm thinking maybe a Wallaby for Lana. Nice and washable. There were Oreo Cakesters, A tin of Peanuts, 2 boxes of Fruit Rollups, some bubble tape bubble gum that was heart shaped and some chocolate covered orange jellies (YUM!) Thanks Dad!!! I love the box!!! L-O-V-E IT! Thanks mom for the treats and yummies. Tell mamaw thanks for the yarn.Other than that, things around our house is pretty much the same. Lincoln did get a new supersized dog bed (that was MUCH NEEDED) and Nathan now loves to hang out with him. I think Lincoln likes the snuggles too.

There's been some knitting going on. I made some Bella mittens out of some yarn that Sonya sent me and they are SOOOO nice and soft!! They are made with Alpaca. Delicious yarn! Thanks Sonya.
The palms are made with Baby Alapca from Plymouth Yarns and the sleeve/cuffs are made with Cascade Alpaca. I love these mitts/armwarmers.
I have some other things on the needles, a surprise gift that I can't post because that someone might read my blog, some slippers for me, and some socks for me. And if you follow the Yarn Harlot's blog. She just made a pair of socks out of some of Heather's yarn. I got the same colorway and printed the same pattern because I really like how the pattern shows off Heather's yarn.


Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

Glad you liked the box. Your dad would be proud of the way you handled the car situation. I will tell mammaw you liked the yarn. I got the journal right after you called. Enjoy your treats.

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

The mittens look really warm and so does Nathan on Lincoln's new bed!!1

Marion said...

Oh, Oreo cakesters. I love them. I don't suppose there'll be any left in the spring. That's a great bread box.

rho said...

Not only a really super duper great bread box (your dad is really talented!) but a full super duper great bread box with all sorts of goodies

What a great family :)

btw I came over from Ravelry

Sonya said...

Stupid man, thought he was going to pull one over on you because you are a girl.

Very nice bread box, love all the goodies inside.

Love the mitts, they look wonderful.

SleepyEyes said...

That is the BEST bread box ever! (especially with all those goodies inside!) And your mitts came out so great ; )