Friday, January 30, 2009

There's still hope in finding lost pictures!

Back in September of 2001, right after 9-11, Brent and I traveled with Jacob (who was 1 year old) to New York for Grace and Paul's wedding (good friends that live in KY but grew up on Long Island and went back to get married as their family is there.)
The day after the wedding we went out with Grace, Paul and Fump (one of their friends, honestly I do not remember his real name, they just called him Fump) to Jones Beach out on Long Island. I had forgotten the camera so had bought a disposable one. At one point on Jones Beach, Brent was walking in front of me carrying Jacob and Paul was walking beside him. Grace and I trailed behind a bit chit chatting. We looked up at the same time and all we could see of Jacob was his feet sticking out the side of Brent. Each little shoe of Jacob's was placed in each back pocket of Brent's pants. It was a cute image, so I took a picture.
Well....yes you guessed it. We lost the disposable camera. I called the hotels we stayed in, in New York and on the way home in Pennsylvania. No one had seen the camera.
Well I stumbled upon a blog that gives me hope now. I doubt I'll ever see the pictures, but knowing that someone set up a blog like this kind of gives me hope.

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