Thursday, January 08, 2009

More Knitting

More knitting. Finished knitting is always so satisfying.
This is a purse for my friend Tina. The Pattern is called The Luckiest. I sure hope she likes it. It was so fun to make.

Next is the awesome and cute little Sack boy!! Jacob requested I knit him in Blue. I am now getting request from Nathan for one in Red. :o)
This is a baby blanket I made for an Army buddy of Brent's that lives down in R. I. Hopefully we'll be able to go visit in February after the baby is born. I used Bernat Satin yarn and it's so soft and very washable!! Nice for a baby.
And finally, another Baby Yoda Sweater. This is such a fun knit!!! This one is for our neighbors who just had a baby over the holidays.
Now to figure out what I want to cast on next. Don't know if I want to jump right into another Sack boy, but if I don't figure out something, I guess I will.


Sonya said...

You have been very productive. A package is headed your way.

Anonymous said...

You've certainly been busy! I say it's time to cast on something for you :-)

knitseashore said...

What a fun purse! Perfect for cheering up the winter blahs (more snow this weekend for us). You have been knitting up a storm! (sorry, couldn't resist).

I second Julie -- you need to make something for you now.

Jackie said...

Man, you have been busy. Love all the knits.

Caroline said...

Sack Boy is adorable! I third Julie, time for a personal knit. Then, another Sack Boy.

Jennifer said...

Lurve that sack boy :) Nice job on all the knits.

SleepyEyes said...

Holy Cow, you've been busy!!! My favorite of all of your new FO's is the purse. That is adorable. Have you worn it yet? Bring it Wed!!