Monday, November 28, 2005

Happy Monday. I went to the gym today with my Best friend, Tina. It was nice to get out and chit chat and work out. Nathan got to play in the kids area there and I think he enjoyed that!! He was great today, seeing it was our first day as Stay at home mommy/son.
I made the bracelet you see above today. Got the pattern from for a contest I played in with them.
Tomorrow I have an Interview at 10am so wish me luck!
Wednesday I have a test with Jeff. Co. Bd of Education. Wish me luck on that too.
Now to find something to wear...ack!! Not having to Dress up at my last job kinda makes the pickin's slim!! I may have to go to Goodwill one day and see if I can find something worth interviews!! Now THAT should be a challenge! LOL

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Heather said...

For me? Really? Awww, you shouldn't have! LOL. Love it Lora.. good for you and the gym too!