Friday, December 16, 2005

A discussion over dinner,
Jacob, "Mom we are going to celebrate Hanukkah Christmas this year."
Me, "We are?"
Jacob, "Yep!"

Today I went to Jacob's school and helped a little with their Christmas party. I didn't know that 20 Five year olds could be so GOOD!!! His teacher and the assistant have their stuff together! I am glad. Jacob is on 2 week break from school, so I'll have them both home for awhile. I can't wait to spend some time with Jacob! I miss him while he's at school and I'm home with Nathan. I feel like I need them both with me. :)
I did some more Christmas shopping today and I'm still not done. Maybe in the next couple days...who knows. It's so fun to buy for the boys. I can't wait for Christmas morning to see their bright faces.

I finished a bracelet this afternoon while Nathan napped. I'll get a picture of it later, as it's a gift for someone.

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