Saturday, December 17, 2005

We saw the movie "Chicken Little" tonight in 3-D. Very cute and the boys seemed to enjoy it. Every once in awhile Jacob would say "WOW that was close!" haha!! It was cool to have the feeling of things closer than they really were and it was his first time experiencing that! I enjoyed it too. Nathan wouldn't wear his glasses though...he just paced the floor and ate popcorn and Candy, but he was quiet most of the time. The theater was pretty empty!! We were glad. No big crowd to deal with. The 3-D glasses were cute....they looked just like Chicken little's glasses. Cute green glasses. If you have a kid...this is a fun movie to see over the holidays!! Take in an early show and sit back and enjoy!

I also got a Christmas gift from my Fairy Bead Sister. Jacob and Nathan got presents too. LOOK!!

Dr. Seuss Puzzle

Darth Vader Lego Set

He played for 2 hours with this!!!

I got a coooooooool calendar with knitting projects for each day! Can't wait to try some!

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