Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Growing up I have fond memories of walking down to the corner to Moser's Market. (Where Ma Saves Pa's Dough.) Sometimes we would go get candy. Sometimes a coke. Sometimes an ice cream. And on crazy days we'd walk down and get a pack of cigarettes for our neighbor Ella Mae, yep, back when you could buy cigarettes at age 9!! haha.
I remember sitting on these steps with Scott (my brother), Tommy, Heather, Joe Don,Timmy and Joey. Wow....now that I look back, Heather and I were kind of out numbered. OH wait...there's Sheila, Melissa and Michelle...almost forgot about them. Wonder where all these people are now? Well I know Joe Don is living next door to mom and dad, but the rest of them...it's been awhile since I've seen them. Anyway...back on track here... We sat on these steps drinking our cokes and eating our candy. Mr. Moser put up with us wild kids a lot on his steps, but I bet you he had all our parents phone numbers too. LOL
The reason I bring this up is now my kids have a "corner market" just like I did. Nathan gets SO excited when someone asks "Want to walk to Bunny's?" He loves walking to Bunny's. So today we walked to Bunny's and got some Candy and Coke, just like I did when I was a kid.
It's funny how things come back around to you. How your kids end up doing things you did when you were little. Too bad Bunny's doesn't have cool steps like Moser's. But they are a little more upscale on groceries than Moser's was. Yes, I'm serious! I know those of you here in New England who have been to Bunny's are laughing right about now because it's a little Superette. But Moser's never had a freezer section like Bunny's and I don't think Moser's had Beer or Liquor. If they did I never went down that isle!
Above is a picture of Nathan across the street from Bunny's.
Nathan and I went to the park today too, and Brent joined us for lunch. It was a fun time and kind of cute when Nathan tried to push Brent on the swing. PUSH AND RUN, NATE, PUSH AND RUN!!
And some knitting. yes I'm knitting but the picture below is NOT something that I knit!! I know I know... but it's entrelac/garterlac.... I am, I admit, hooked on entrelac. But apparently I come by it honest. My MOTHER made these cute dish cloths! She is just cranking these dish cloths out! They are Great mom!!!!!!
Have a great Tuesday!
Special thanks to Mom for the pictures of Moser's Market. It sure looks loney and deserted now. :(


Becca said...

dad used to take me & alex on walks to bunny's too!!!

marion said...

All grown up..I drive to Bunnys, but as a kid in Worcester, I always stopped in "Menajians" for a fountain style coke and a copy of my favorite comic book, Wonder Woman! My husband had "Jollys" store in his neigborhood for a vanilla coke. Good memories from long ago. Marion

Amanda1 said...

Great post. We used to go to "Kay's Country Store" which is now "Harvest Market"... and I live one neighborhood over from where I used to live, so my son will probably to Harvest Market, too. I guess we all have a corner store.

Melissa said...

thanks for that peek into your world Lora - I love Bunny's and try to make a point to stop in there when I am in the neighborhood...places like that are a treasure not to be lost to the superstores!

Anonymous said...

I remember going to the corner store for candy and soda too (and yes, the occassional pack of cigs for the neighbor).

Nice dishcloths your mom made.

Sonya said...

Great post Lora! I used to ride my bike to the Key Market. It was about a half mile from our house. My dog Woodstock would ride along with me and wait outside for me. I took too long one day. I heard a big commotion and saw him running down the aisle to me. the cashier said he stepped on the mat to open the door and then ran in.
When I drive by now it is a Moose Lodge.

LMardenNH said...

Used to live across the street from a convenience store in MA - still have all the candy and soda (well, the soda was mostly Tab so that doesn't count) stuck on my butt.

I remember one candy was sold in a box that was printed with "Candy is good food. Eat some every day."

How did we ever survive the 70's and 80's?

Also loved the store at our camp site in Bridgton, ME. They had awesome penny candy, and after we loaded up, we could go next door into the rec hall and blast the jukebox, play ping pong. Christopher Cross was BIG back then. 'Member?

Tabitha said...

Our (my cousins and I) corner grocery was Kellem's. We used to love walking along the railroad tracks, (dangerous I know) to get my grandma what she needed, and then we always got the left over money for goodies! I used to love the candy cigarettes!!! I would puff and blow the powder residue from my mouth like it was real smoke! What a goober :)
Those were the days, no worries, only play!!!

Jackie said...

Yup, we had one of those too, Billy's. We always used to walk up there for candy and soda. Cigarettes when we were older (and bad).

Love the dishcloths.

SleepyEyes said...

OH, I love those neighborhood pics...I have exactly those kinds of memories about places I went as a child.

And those new dishclothes are awesome. Your mom ROCKS!!!

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

I am trying this again just to check if it comes through

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

It worked!!! I was telling about Tommys store down the road about half mile from my home in the country. My Mom traded eggs from her hens for groceries. Tommy was a funny lady. She had bologna she sliced for sandwiches, pickle bologna in a big gallon jar, candy in jars you picked for your bag and a front porch where someone was always sitting. When I was learning to drive, my Dad let me drive his straight shift Chevy to Tommy's store and I hit her mail box. She did not get upset.
Good memories. My Dad wasn't too upset either. Just a little scratch on the car.