Thursday, May 03, 2007

Where I Knit.
I'm in the Secret Pal 10 program and our sweet hostess gives us ideas to blog about. This go-around is Where do you Knit? So I set up a photo shoot. I tried a 3 year old photographer, but his skills just were not that good yet. LOL So I turned to the timer on the camera and got some suitable shots. These shots are where I knit at home. Had I read the email earlier in the week I would have had a picture taken of me at B&N while at knitting practice.
This is me in front of the computer. Most of the time this is where I knit. I watch TV shows online or read blogs or listen to Gina's Podcast (There's a new one up here). I should really try to find more podcast to listen too, but so far Gina's is the only one I'm loyal too so far. That's my elephant sock bag. Isn't it cute. I'd love to find some more fabric like this because I know Sonya's going crazy seeing it and not having one. Another place I sit and knit is on our couch over in the corner. I'm most likely to be watching cartoons while knitting. If it's any other show I mess up my knitting because I'm so into the show. Wow... our walls look bare. That big pillow on the floor is Lincoln's bed (our dog.)
Thanks to everyone who shared their corner grocery store story with me!!! Now share with me where you KNIT!! If you have a blog I'd love to see pictures of where you knit, and even you sitting there knitting! If you don't knit, and you read my blog, tell me where you create whatever art you create!!

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my niece Lana!! She's one now! Her birthday was yesterday.


Nichole said...

She's adorable! :)

Yes, your walls are bare... you need some fantastic art work lady! lol

Amanda1 said...

Great idea. I will post a picture of where I knit in the next blog post or two.

Sonya said...

Alex saw your picture earlier today and asked if you made that bag for me:) I said I wish!
The walls do look a little white.

Knitting Mama said...

Love the photoshoot! I've got to train Sean one day to take photos (Usually it's me taking them so I'm never in any!)

Great post on your spot! You've been entered twice into the draw good luck!

(and thanks for the compliment - it's really sweet of you!)

Your SP10 Hostess, Robyn

Holly said...

I have to tell you, I was knitting at Heine Bros. on Frankfort Ave with a friend yesterday, and my yarn was tucked into your bag, and a girl working there, just raved about it!

Jackie said...

Cute idea. I'll be stealing it.

Happy birthday sweet Lana!

Gigi said...

Where you knit...great idea! Hmmm, do I really want to show off my terrible, needs to be replaced, furniture? I'll have to think on that one! LOL

Lana is SO adorable!

SleepyEyes said...

I love to see where you sit and knit! You look so cute!

Happy Bday to that little adorable sweetie-pie!