Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy 45th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!
Dad always like Dolly Parton and when I hear this song by her I've always thought of Mom and Dad.

The picture above was taken when mom and dad visited us back in March. I know they miss the boys and the boys miss them.
It was REALLY cold the day we took mom and dad to Mack's Apples, but we bought some GOOD apples! :)
Nathan and Mom-Mom color...... OK Mom colors... Nathan pretends she's monkey bars.
Dad, a.k.a. Pop-pop watch a little tv together.
Besides being great parents they are also great Grandparents to the boys (and my nieces and nephew too!)


Sonya said...

The pictures with the kids and your parents put a smile on my face. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

45 Years? What'd the do; get married when they were 10? They don't look old enough to be celebrating 45 years.

Maureen said...

It royally sucks to live far away from your parents. Makes my heart ache every time they leave.
Grats on the anniversary!

lera said...

Happy anniversary! We just threw my parents a 40th anniversary bash on Saturday night.

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

Thanks. I can hardly believe it myself. Cecil plus two wonderful children. They both made very good choices on their spouses. Five beautiful grandchildren. Who could ask for more?

Heather said...

There is NO WAY your Mom looks old enough to be married for 45 years, what was she married when she was 4?

shayes74 said...

i just got to listen to that song today and it brought me to tears!!!