Monday, September 03, 2007

What to blog....What to blog????? Ok random stuff!!! :)
Saturday we found a cool little park. Elk something or other park somewhere up off 89 in New Hampshire. See what we did is we just started driving. When we saw a brown sign that indicated a park area of some sort we took that exit, and voila, instant adventure!! Cost? $2.00 + a bit of gas and $$ for snacks. Not too dang bad eh?!

Nathan and Brent climbed a big rock pile which we got introuble over from the park ranger. He said it was kind of dangerous and there were signs. Anyway, they had a good time. haha

The kids wanted to play at the little beach they had. Jacob's becoming quite the little swimmer! He loves to swim with his goggles. It was a tad chilly, and with any adventure that's NOT PLANNED, I did not have towels. We found one of the boys t-shirts in the back of my car and that was our towel. Now if you now me you know I always have STUFF in my car...but not that day. I cleaned out the car a bit before we left!! haha
We found a trail and went walking. Check out the boys and their haircuts!! Earlier in the day we went to the barber shop. Nathan did NOT cry this time! He sat there like a big boy!! Jacob, as usual was awesome and explained to the barber that he had to sit still so he didn't cut his ear off. He told the barber that some "old lady" used to cut his hair and he had to sit still so she wouldn't cut off his ear. (sorry mom but I was laughing so hard!! but go to the comments from your anniversary, at least Julie doesn't think you look old enough to be married 45 years!)
Me walking the trail. Shortly after this the trail kind of disappeared! Now we didn't get lost! It was the trails fault!! Apparently this trail is not well maintained!! We were following little white diamonds posted on trees and then they were gone...we found red and green diamonds so we followed the red (my choice, I'm sad to admit) and it landed us in a big field of NOTHING. So back we went to find where it met up with the green trail. The green trail led us to a grassy road and a sign that says "stay on this road if you want to go back to the parking lot"...we did. Got back to the car and drove our tired little selves home!
Jacob has a new trick!! He's pretty proud of himself. Brent taught him how to blow a bubble. Now he wants to learn how to whistle. Hum..his bangs look a little crooked in that picture....I'll have to take a look at that later today.
I'll be updating my Etsy shop once I get these bags sewn up. I am LOVING the fabric with the bras on it!! Because you KNOW that there is yarn that is just cleavage worthy...just ask my Manchvegas Knitting friends!!!
I have pulled out my Lady Eleanor stole and have been knitting on it since I finished my Bar Harbor Shell Bag. So that's what's on the knitting front of my life.
Jacob starts school this Wednesday and it is also his Birthday!! I can't believe I will have a SEVEN year old!! sheesh!!!


Sonya said...

I love those kind of adventures!
Lots of people must make the trail choice you did. That sign is just great.
Happy early birthday to you happy early birthday to Jacob happy early birthday to youuuuu!

LMardenNH said...

HEY - DIBS on the bra bag thingie - whatever it is!

You are braver than I am. My idea of an adventure is a hotel without room service. With my luck there would have been swarms of bees, quicksand, and maniac with a chainsaw out there in the woods, just for me.

But for you, it looks like it was a perfect day.

Gigi said...

Neat trick blowing a bubble that size...way to go Jacob!

Sounds like you had a great adventure. =-D

Loretta (Lora's Mom) said...

At least some "old Lady" looked at Jacob and made sure his bangs were even!! Be careful and don't get bubble gum in those bangs:)Scott got a kick out of what Jacob said.
He told Lacey that is why his ears are pointed. I know most people trim around ears with clippers but I always use scissors. I always get a neater cut.

NH Knitting Mama said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me!

Heather said...

Whaaaaaa! Our babies are growing up. I can't believe it. Happy Birthday Jake!
It looks like a beautiful day for an adventure.. I am like you.. always STUFF in the car but maybe not the RIGHT stuff. I miss you my sister!

Jackie said...

Cool bubble! It sounds like you guys had an awesome day.

Happy Birthday early to the handsome fella.

shayes74 said...

SEVEN?? I can't wait til Audrey is able to take adventures like that! It sounds wonderful!!!! Congrats on your mom and dad's anniversary too! Also, if you want to climb on a bunch of rocks with no rules, head out to the is awesome!

SleepyEyes said...

Happy Birthday Jacob!!!

Love the cute pics! Your new fabrics are wonderful! The one on the very right with the pink (flowers? elephants?) is my favorite.

See ya tonight!!!